Poolsystems company provides with 3 year warranty for the products! Every pool enclosure contains manuals from pool enclosures' manufacturer. We have long-term experience and value our name and reputation. Our company reliably provides you with warranty and post-warranty service.

Whatever type and product set of a pool enclosure by Poolsystems you choose, that's first of all high qualified product , a result of highly

skilled professionals work and as well the following items:

- Aluminum profile, which has international quality certificate ISO 9001;
- Accessible low guiding rails;
- Hidden stainless fasteners-no self-tapping cap or screw on the arc section;
- Polycarbonate by famous European manufactures;
- Rubber gasket between pool enclosure sections;
- Long term warranty product.


Polycarbonate panels

Polycarbonate panels fixed into pool enclosures by Polsystems are certified. They are crashproof and have protection from ultraviolet rays. They have both cellular and monolithic structures. Monolithic sheets have 100% transparence. Sliding covers can be equipped with cellular and monolithic polycarbonate sheets by various combinations. Cellular polycarbonate sheets can have either 8mm or 10mm depth.

Running rails extension

Provides you with additional availability and allows you to move a pool enclosure completely outside the pool. This is possible if there is enough space on the ground.

Sliding side walls

If there is no space behind the pool, it is possible to install a sliding side wall. This wall is completely shifted by rollers, which are located on the crossbars of the pool enclosure section. It can be installed in a smaller section.

Additional openings and moveable parts at side walls

Opening can be additionally installed in side walls can be additionally installed parts for pool maintenance, pool enclosure passage through the parts raising over the bowl (waterfalls, handrails, stairs, etc.). It is also possible to arrange a movable part in the side wall, if the bowl rises above the floor.

Section extension

Standard section width is 2.2m.

In case if pool length is not divisible by sections width, it is needed to install extension sections. One or several sections can be extended, and width can be extended for any length according to your decision.

Mosquito net window

Side wall of a pool enclosure can be equipped with a mosquito net according to you wish.

Side entrance into pool enclosure sections

A bigger pool enclosure section can be equipped with an additional side entrance.