The company pays attention to every detail in the products of PoolSystems. Ms try to make your rest and pool as comfortable and convenient as possible thanks to our sliding pavilions. Improving and developing our designs, we increase their usability and aesthetic characteristics with the help of trifles in the interior and exterior of the pool pavilions. The design and design department of the company continuously improves its profile systems of pavilions for swimming pools. The seven of them, S40, S60, are built according to the type of pavilion and its dimensions. They combine aesthetics and strength. Technologies: At least 6 unique profiles in the simplest pavilion, there is no visible attachment. Pavilions for pools from PoolSystems are equipped with a system of locks for protection from children up to 5 years. This increases the safety of the pool. All fittings are certified and produced in Europe. Technologies: locks on lock bolts of sections. End caps for guide rails are safe for you and your children. Technologies: There are no details of visible fastening, smooth corners of polymer materials. For the comfortable movement of the sections of the sliding pavilion, the company installs special pens on each of its pavilions. Our own profile system for swing doors makes the operation of the pavilion easy and convenient. Technologies: Loops without visible fastening, high-strength polymer hubs for loops, two-level rubber seal. Locking bolts of sections, have an easy and smooth stroke. Simultaneously with ease of operation, it combines high strength and resistance to wind and snow loads. All parts are made of aluminum and stainless steel. Are installed in the places of transition of the arc into the side frame. This gives the pavilion a particularly elegant look. As a filling space between the platform and the bottom of the end wall of the pavilion, a rubber seal of various heights from 100 MM is used. In pool pavilions from PoolSystems you will not see self-tapping screws, screws and other fasteners, along arcs, crossbars, etc. All connections were specially designed by our engineers so as to hide unnecessary fasteners from your eyes and not to lose the strength of the nodes. Each pavilion for the pool is completed with hooks for towels and clothes. This will allow you to enjoy bathing and make the operation of the pavilion even more comfortable.