Welding works that destroy the corrosion layer are not used in the manufacture of panels.

Package Contents:


    • Metal panels are based on a metal plate with a metal thickness of 1.5-2 mm .
    • The base price of standard models includes panels forming the pool walls, overflow trays (in the case of an overflow basin) and a complete set of fasteners, supports and anchorages for fastening with a concrete base, allowing to assemble the pool walls. Stairs to the cost of standard models are not included, but are completed additionally.
    • Purchase of these types of pools should be carried out on the basis of a draft design or drawing, in which a circulation system with a certain arrangement of embedded parts, a water illumination system and embedded details of water attractions (making holes in the panels for embedded parts) is planned.

Aluminum-zinced steel


  Alumozinc is a special protective metal coating consisting of 55% of aluminum, 43.4% of zinc and 1.6% of silicon. The most common thickness of the aluminum zinc coating can be 15 microns (120 r / m 2 ) and 2O μm (150 g / m 2 ). Aluminum, due to the appearance of an oxide film on the coating, increases the corrosion resistance of the product material by an order of magnitude. In addition, products made of alumino zinc practically do not change their appearance during operation. It is thanks to the oxide film, steel with aluminum-zinc coating has the highest corrosion resistance and unchanged appearance. The conducted tests in the open air show that after 30 years of operation, under various environmental conditions, no trace of rust appears on the steel with an aluminum zinc coating at 150 g / m 2 .

The main advantages of steel with aluminum zinc coating in comparison with galvanizing:

      1. Excellent anticorrosion properties and durability
      2. The coating does not darken, does not scratch and does not
      3. Has a 100% metal coating, has a natural silvery sheen
      4. It has a heat-reflecting property, which gives the products the characteristics of a thermal shield.
      5. On steel with an aluminum zinc coating of 150 g / m 2 and above, manufacturers provide 10 years of written guarantee, which is not possible for galvanized steel